Client Reviews

Gyan Srivastava, VP of Residential Lending

What a terrific service by Gyan’s Team. The application to clear to close took just about 10 days. The best service ever. Gyan is the go to person not just for the loan process but for general advice. Thanks Gyan.
Srinivas V.
Gyanendra and team were very prompt in processing the loan application and set the industry standards in terms of customer service, guidance and closing of the loan in a week. Thank you Gyanendra for the best service.
Sundheera R.
Gyan and his team are very professional in their client service approach and have been with me all the way from loan inception to closing them successfully. Great experience to work with.
Ananta K.
Open and honest communication.
Alind S.
Great experience.
Mazhar P.
Exceptional professionalism and clarity of the entire process before starting and as it went along. Extremely patient, Mr. Srivastava was always a call away. Thank you.
Karan S.
Gyan gave us the best rate in the market right off the bat when we started shopping for a mortgage. His guidance was valuable thru the closing process. The loan approval was very quick and we were ready to close in two weeks from the start of the process. He has a great team of loan processors who make the process very easy.
Krishna C.
Gyan was very meticulous and walked me through the process very clearly. He was available for any clarifications needed and always just a phone call away. I highly recommend him.
Shriram S.
Great communication, guidance and patient.
Kruti J.
Great experience with Gyan during processing of mortgage and closing. I'll surely recommend him to my network.
Vinod P.
Gyan was very knowledgeable, helpful and committed and provided the right advice to me for my refinancing situation. I would recommend him to anybody who needs a dedicated loan officer for their financing needs.
Manish R.
Gyan is a genuine person who always looks into ways to help his clients. His advice is very valuable on lending issues. He keeps good communication with his clients and his loan approval time is one of the best in the market. I will recommend him to any person looking for a home buying loan.
Gokul B.