Processing Manager Team Lead

Position Type:

Chicago, IL (River North)

Job Description:

Sick/Vacation Coverage:
The processing manager to delegate coverage for vacations lasting over 72 hours.  Team lead to cover vacations if processor/PC is sick or only out 48 hours.

New Employee will be shadowing the appropriate team lead starting the Friday after orientation through the following week.  Allow new employees to work on your pipeline with you until they are up and running with their own pipeline.  Once a month team lead to send out an email or hold a meeting with their area with a new item to re-train on.  IE aggregate, new underwriting guidelines.

Reports:  Team Lead to have access to the executive report and the processing report.  Team Lead to lend help to people on the report to facilitate the completion of all items in a timely manner.

Go to on the floor when management is not around. Team Leads are the extension of management they are to be accessible for any questions/help needed on a day to day basis when the manager is not available.

Team Lead will lead by example in the following areas:

  • Showing professionalism when working with loan officers
  • Being a positive influence in meetings and providing constructive feedback to help find resolutions
  • Reviewing pipeline report to be sure loans are not in red or yellow status unless they are true rushes

Number of files: Processor Team Lead to maintain a pipeline of 20-25.  Processing Coordinator Team Leads to maintain a pipeline of 45-50.

Meetings: Team Leads to meet with managers bi-weekly for a status meeting, address any concerns/training needs.  Team Lead’s to meet once a month with people on their teams to go over any questions/concerns.


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