About Steve

A seasoned mortgage professional and a longtime Santa Barbara resident, Steve Boelter has been helping people with their home financing needs for over 12 years.

Steve's mission is to provide the highest standard of service to his customers and professional partners alike. He concentrates on his clients' specific financing needs, seeks out the solutions that are right for them and advises them on each decision. Steve guides borrowers through the entire loan procedure from beginning to end while making the process as seamless and transparent as possible for all parties involved.

Though Steve is well-versed in a range of mortgage options, jumbo loans are his specialty. These loans have stricter guidelines and require a more sophisticated touch to navigate the process, and Steve has the knowledge and determination to see it through. Self-employed borrowers, borrowers with complicated tax returns and borrowers with complex income streams are Steve's specialty. When it comes to difficult lending situations, he is adept at delivering results.

Steve's love of athletics and his strong leadership background have led him to serve in many organizations over the years. He is a current board member of the Page Youth Center, a past president and board member of the Goleta Valley South Little League and a past board member of the Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Steve's commitment to the community and his broad knowledge of the lending world make him the go-to home loan professional. Contact Steve today for personalized mortgage advice and financing.

About Draper and Kramer Mortgage Corp.

Draper and Kramer Mortgage is an award-winning national mortgage lender. With our efficient in-house loan processing and innovative mortgage solutions, we provide fast, flexible and affordable home financing to borrowers across the nation. Founded in 1893, Draper and Kramer remains family-owned to this day and holds the oldest active Federal Housing Administration (FHA) license in the country.

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