Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At Draper and Kramer Mortgage Corp., we believe it is our corporate and social responsibility to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in all aspects of our business. This commitment extends through our hiring, lending and giving practices in our branches and communities across the nation.

Our People

Our customers are as diverse as America itself, and we welcome and promote that same diversity in our workforce. We recognize the value of a diverse and inclusive workforce and strive to ensure that opportunities for personal growth and professional advancement are made available to and leveraged by each member of our organization. By investing in our employees, we can make meaningful investments in our company.

Our Programs

We are committed to helping clients from all walks of life achieve the American dream of homeownership. This can be seen in the wide range of home financing programs we offer, including those for first-time homebuyers, low-income earners, individuals with credit challenges, foreign nationals, DACA recipients and more. We are an Equal Housing Opportunity lender that is committed to proactively following federal, state and local fair lending guidance to ensure equitable access to home financing for all.

Our Progress

Progress requires constant change, and we are committed to perpetually improving how we serve our borrowers and their communities. One of our biggest recent steps was the creation of our Spanish borrower experience to better serve Spanish-speaking customers. This initiative included the creation of Spanish loan documents, marketing materials and a support phone line along with the hiring of additional Spanish-speaking loan officers. To oversee this and our other non-English-language programs, we hired a dedicated language specialist.

Our Partnerships

We strive to help improve the lives of the disadvantaged in the communities we serve through our partnerships with local not-for-profit organizations. As a company, we provide financial support to numerous charitable causes. Our primary beneficiary is our charitable partner, Sharing Connections, which provides household necessities to families in need. Through Lending Hands, our employee committee for charitable activities, we also organize employee fundraisers, donation drives and volunteer efforts for various charitable objectives.