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Noelle Freeland

Vice President of Residential Lending

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Mortgages are my business, my expertise, and my success is wholly dependent on your satisfaction, which is why I am fully committed to providing you sound advice and great service. At Draper and Kramer Mortgage Corp. you'll find a knowledgeable and experienced staff, a wide variety of loan options, and quick, efficient processing. #advantageyou

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It was fast, easy, and working with Noelle and her team is great!

Christopher and Jennifer H.

Highly efficient while maintaining
a friendly positive attitude.

Erin R.

We were able to close in two weeks and get the house of our dreams.

Inna L.

Working with Noelle over the years has proven to be rewarding.

Mike R.

Noelle Freeland goes above and beyond for each of her clients.

Arielle C..

Highly efficient while maintaining
a friendly positive attitude.

Erin R.

About Noelle

Mortgage professional Noelle Freeland has been providing people with personalized mortgage advice and financing since 2003. As a seasoned mortgage expert with a passion for helping others, she's a valuable resource for anyone looking to purchase or refinance their home, investment or vacation property. READ MORE

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