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Lonnie Glessner

Senior Vice President of Residential Lending

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Mortgages are my business, my expertise, and my success is wholly dependent on your satisfaction, which is why I am fully committed to providing you sound advice and great service. At Draper and Kramer Mortgage Corp. you'll find a knowledgeable and experienced staff, a wide variety of loan options, and quick, efficient processing.

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If you need a lender, choose Lonnie and Team, you won't be disappointed.

Rachel H. (Denver, CO)

I will recommend Lonnie to anyone who asks for a recommendation.

Jennifer B. (Arvada, CO)

Lonnie and his team were wonderful to work with.

M. Morales (Castle Rock, CO)

Lonnie is great, just call him and you'll understand!

Collin J. (Arvada, CO)

Highly recommended and will use them again.

A. Booner (Littleton, CO)

Highly recommended and will use them again.

A. Booner (Littleton, CO)

About Lonnie

Lonnie Glessner is a seasoned mortgage professional with a passion for helping people achieve their dreams and goals. In addition to his 21 years of mortgage lending experience, Lonnie also has a background in accounting and financial advising. This broad perspective allows him to help his clients secure the mortgage solutions they need to reach their homeownership and financial goals... READ MORE

There is a Difference...

You're not an account number here. There is no distant call center to "press five" to wait for the next available representative. I work with you directly, each and every step of the way. If you'd like, talk to me before you apply, see what I'm about and how we can work together.

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Whether this is your first home, next home, second home, or a refinance, the financial strength we’ve built over the past century enables us to offer you a wide range of loan options, very competitive rates, and exclusive benefits above and beyond what you'll find at other lenders.

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Receive Homeowner Savings

Draper and Kramer Mortgage Corp. and Enact Mortgage Insurance have teamed up with major brands to offer the Homebuyer Privileges® discount program. When you choose us for your home financing, you'll receive access to savings valued at up to $8,500 on home-related products and services.

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