Client Reviews

Jess Denlow, Vice President of Residential Lending

Really enjoyed working with Jess and her team. They were very responsive and helpful. Thank you!
Melanie H.
Jess Denlow, who I worked with, was absolutely amazing. She explained every step and was incredibly patient and quick to answer any of my questions. She made a very confusing and intimidating process easy. I have already recommended her!
Lauren S.
Jess Denlow provided an amazing service. I am very happy with the service.
Francisco R.
Jess was very knowledgeable of our situation and advised us along the way to above our expectations. Jess kept us informed and returned our inquiries promptly.
Frank & Mildred F.
At a difficult time in my life, Jess was there to help. She shared her compassion and her knowledge. I have learned a lot and have moved on in my life. And 2 years later, she is still there reaching out to me, to further assist my financial concerns. I have shared what I have learned with my children and friends. She has empowered many women. She also secures great loan rates! Thank you, Jess!
Janet H.
On two separate occasions, we've had the good fortune of working with Jess. She originally was recommended to us by our financial advisor as my partner and I were attempting to get our financial affairs in order. Though a previous mortgage broker was unable to help, Jess effectively restructured our scenario to coincide with our goals. A few years later, we sold our home to purchase a new-construction condo. Jess again came through for us to secure a low rate, benefit from the market and use the proceeds for investments.
Mark R.
Jess was my mortgage broker when I refinanced my house during my divorce, so I knew she had expertise working with divorcing couples. When I was ready to purchase a home on my own, I chose Jess. She was sensitive to the fact that I was a divorced mother of two and that my income was substantially lower as a single person. She secured a loan at the lowest possible rate and made sure I could afford the home that I purchased. She had an understanding of the difficulty that single mothers experience, which was nice for me. As an added bonus, I signed my mortgage papers while she was filming “House Hunters”!
Carri H.
Jess Denlow, my mortgage broker, is awesome! She is the reason I keep coming back. She makes the maddening process of refinancing achievable and understandable by mere mortals such as myself. Jess Rocks!! I highly recommend her to anyone I know who is interested in a refi opportunity.
Scott H.
Jess Denlow and her supporting team were wonderful to work with!
Mark R.
Jess Denlow was fantastic! She handled everything in timely, professional manner and we can't say enough great things about her.
Francisco C.
Jess is amazing!!!!
Evan & Rebecca W.