Product Offerings

We maintain an extensive product line and help you find the best mortgage options to consider depending on your financial situation. Each loan program offers different benefits, and we’ve broken them down here for you to reference.


We have a very wide spectrum of conventional products that span across more than 41 different investors.

Fannie and Freddie Direct

As a direct seller we offer competitive pricing with minimal overlays on both Fixed and Adjustable Rate Mortgages.


We specialize in government products as well, offering the works: FHA, VA, IRRRL, USDA, and IHDA

Ginnie Direct

Selling direct to Ginnie widens our government product lineup, allowing us to offer FHA loans with FICOs as low as 600.


We can underwrite jumbos in-house, so you can avoid the red tape and long lines found with most investors. Jumbos up to $5 million with up to an 80 LTV and Jumbo ARMs to $970,000 with up to a 90 LTV.

Seconds and HELOCs

We have a variety a second mortgage and HELOC investors too, but we can also underwrite HELOCs in-house, again avoiding the red tape and long approval delays.

Portfolio Lending Options

We have a number of great solutions for borrowers that are looking for programs outside of what traditional banks offer by going through our portfolio lenders. For example, our asset depletion program offers cost-effective flexibility by listing qualified assets, such as retirement accounts, stocks, bonds, etc., as income to meet underwriting requirements. We also have options for foreign nationals.

Fannie and Freddie 97%

Primarily meant for low-to-moderate income borrowers. The key advantages of the program are 3% down-payment and reduced monthly mortgage insurance.

FHA 203k

Purchase a home that needs repairs or refinance an existing mortgage to remodel with this cost-effective, single-close loan financed by the FHA on the completed value of the home.

Construction Loans

We offer a 12 to 18 month, interest only construction loan with an 80 LTV up to $1 million. It is indexed to prime with a floor of 4.5% and a ceiling of 5.5%.

Non-Warrantable Condos

We can finance non-warrantable condos and even assist a condo project in becoming FNMA eligible. Up to 90% combined LTV is possible and we can work with FICO scores as low as 680 and still make the deal happen.

Reverse Mortgages

If you’re a homeowner over the age of 62 you may qualify for a Reverse Mortgage loan, which allows you to convert part of the equity in your home into cash. All funds are tax free, you retain ownership of your home, and all remaining equity remains with you.

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