The Steps of the Mortgage Process

This overview covers the steps to obtaining home financing. Your loan officer will work with you to obtain all necessary documentation and guide you along the way.

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Mortgage Documentation Checklist

For Informational Purposes Only
This is a summary of the documentation you may need to provide after you submit your application and receive your Loan Estimate. You'll be able to upload many of these documents through our secure DK Xpress™ app or loan center.

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How to Stop Unwanted Mortgage Solicitations

After you start your mortgage application and authorize your credit review, you may receive telemarketing calls and junk mail from other companies. While we are unable to prevent this as a lender, there are options you can utilize to stop or reduce these solicitations.

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How to Avoid Financing Problems

To help prevent any issues during your mortgage process, please follow these eight tips.

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Mortgage Disclosures

During the mortgage process, you will receive any disclosures that are mandated by law. These documents are designed to help you fully understand the charges for a particular loan and decide whether you believe you can afford it before committing to the loan.

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The Mortgage Closing Process

Follow these important tips to help ensure a smooth and successful closing for your loan.

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Mortgage FAQs

Find answers to common mortgage questions regarding loan applications, rates, appraisals, insurance and the closing process. Please contact us if you have any further questions!

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Waiting Periods After Adverse Events

If you’ve been through a foreclosure, bankruptcy, or a short sale, you may be subject to a mandatory waiting period until you can apply for a new mortgage. This information will let you know how long you need to wait.

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Mortgage Terminology

This glossary defines some of the common terms you may encounter during your mortgage process.

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Test Your Credit Knowledge

Your credit has a big impact on which mortgage options you can qualify for, so it’s important to understand how credit works. Find out how much you know about this topic with our Credit Knowledge Quiz, and see what you need to focus on to improve your credit.

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