Rate Lock Insurance

The task of finding the perfect home is tough enough, but it’s even tougher when the one you finally find falls through, which is why we developed Rate Lock Insurance. For whatever reason you lose the house you originally locked your rate for, you’ll be able to transfer that great rate to the next property, even if rates have gone up.

  • Protect your purchasing power in a rising rate environment
  • Transfer your rate should the sales contract fall through
  • Available on all government and conforming fixed rate loans

Rate locking procedures are no different than any other lock, you simply need to request Rate Lock Insurance before the lock is placed. If the sales contract on the property falls through, the locked rate is transferred from the original property to the next. The purchase price can vary between properties, but the loan amount must stay the same.

Protect yourself from having to relock your loan at a higher market rate should your purchase contract fall through. Transfer your low, locked rate from one property to another with Rate Lock Insurance.

Safeguard your rate for a non-refundable fee of 1/10th point of the requested loan amount which must be paid when locking the original rate. Rate Lock Insurance is available on conforming and government fixed rate loans only. The maximum loan amount is $484,350 in most of the U.S.; there is no minimum loan amount.

For more information or questions on Rate Lock Insurance, please contact us any time.

Fees associated with Rate Lock Insurance are non-refundable and are subject to change. Any loan level pricing adjustments will change based on any new information at the time the transfer is executed.