Client Reviews

January - March 2017

Steve and his staff are the best!
Benjamin T.
Dave did an excellent job all the way through the process. I am glad he took care of my loan and will recommend him to everyone that I know who is looking for a new or to improve an existing loan.
George P.
My loan officer was excellent. She was helpful every step of the way.
Dana K.
As a first time home buyer I found the process to go very smoothly. Thank you to the team at Draper and Kramer Mortgage Corp.
Kate K.
He is always courteous and accommodating. He is pleasant to work with.
Sherrill J.
Dan was first rate the entire process. He returned all my calls and emails within one day and always was friendly and helpful.
Alexandra R.
Excellent service, thank you Jeff!
Dalibor T.
I am a first time home buyer and my experience working with Harry was absolutely wonderful. He made my experience both memorable and unforgettable! Thank you!
Deena P.
Very happy with Jeff, will recommend to friends and family.
Damian P.
Wonderful experience working with Harry Pepoon. I am a first time home buyer and he made my experience both memorable and unforgettable!
Deena P.
Chris was exceptional. This was the simplest closing that I have ever experienced. I will most likely go with Draper and Kramer Mortgage Corp. again. The whole process was simple and straightforward, especially within a shorter closing time frame. Great experience overall!
Jason F.
The service I received from Draper & Kramer Mortgage as an employee was exceptional, my home loan application wasn't the easiest to process and I realize that but the service I received definitely surpassed my expectations, from the beginning with Lynn opening my file, Rhia processing, Coleen, Renee Underwriting and Brian in closing. I just want to Thank you all for providing a since of urgency and care, it really felt great to have such a strong team behind me and even greater to know I work for this company and now can truly provide an recommendation based on my own personal experience, my closing went great! Thanks again!
Keisha W.
Bob was fantastic. I threw him a few curve balls with a partial-eligibility VA loan, other VA road blocks, a 150 year old house and probably 3 other things i can't think of right now. I really appreciate the patience.
Canon P.



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