Client Reviews

October - December 2010

We were very satisfied.
Richard L.
Tim is always very pleasant and professional to work with.
Steve F.
Tell all you loan officers to be like Scott.
Marc L.
Keith and the rep at the closing were spectacular!
Gregory B.
Chris was great!
Promote Adam. He is extremely efficient.
Mark did a great job!
Already doing a good job.
Sharad G.
Todd was terrific!
Lisa G.
I already gave Paul's name to someone I work with. Thanks!
Steve S.
Mark was a wonderful person to work with! He was very helpful and never got fed up with my numerous questions.
R. W.
The customer service was excellent! Thank you very much for all of your hard work!
Ryan B.
Thank you to Jim, he did a very good job!
Jill is fantastic.
Jess was a top notch professional througout the whole process.
Keith always looks out for his clients best interests. Thank You!
Mary H.
Jim is the best. I think he deserves a large financial bonus.
Chris spent a great deal of time with us explaining everything. I was very pleased with the promptness of my closing. Thank you.
Melanie D.
Great loan officer, answered all our questions.
Mary M.
Thanks for all the hard work! Probably won't see interest rates go any lower, but you never know.
Rose M.
Ed was absolutely the best! Knowledgable, kind, responded and communicated very quickly and a very good resource for future business.
I was very satisfied with the service Bob provided.
Doug J.
Jude was awesome. I was very apprehensive about the amount of work it would take to refi but Jude made it very easy and went above and beyond. You are very lucky to have her as a part of your team.
Kacie T.
As in the past - John was professional, helpful and efficient.
Robert A.
Terry did a great job explaining issues and processing documents very professionally.
Adeline C.
Nick is the best!
Excellent service from Suren.
Ajay P.
I can't think of anything that might have been handled better.
Elaine M.
Marlene was great.
Have all of your loan officers take care of their clients, as were were taken care of by Ed.
Jimmy T.
Dave is smart, professional and takes care of everything. It was a great experience working with him.
Todd K.
Tim did a great job for me!
Frank N.
Dolores provided service especially at the closing. She went above and beyond. Thanks!
Theodore W.
Elaine is the greatest!
Ebrahim K.
Great Work - we loved closing at our home!
Kristen T.
This is the second time we have worked with Brett. He had already set the bar high. We were completely satisfied with his professionalisn and patience with all of our questions.
Josh K.
As always, in working with Kevin, it was an informational and unstressful experience.
Pat M.
Excellent service and follow-up. Suzanne is fantastic! Thank you!
Gordon S.
Jorge was the best to work with and I have already referred him. Thanks for everything!
Sandy W.
We have used Rich as our mortgage broker for years. He does a terrific job.
Stephen R.
I love Mitch! He is great!
K. S.
Love the electronic documents with e-signature = simple.
Rita B.
Ed is a pleasure to deal with and made the whole process easy and straightforward.
Keep doing what you're doing. Ed went the extra mile for us. Great Job.
Aristo A.
Cindy took care of me - a 1st time buyer!
Denette R.
It was a great experience.
Darrin S.
Will work with Jim again and have/will refer him to my collegues. Jim is the best loan dude I have worked with.
David S.
Steven is wonderful. Process was great.
Chris was particularly helpful. He deserves special recognition for seeing the process through some unusual circumstances.
Susan M.
Bruce was very good to work with and got everything done on time. Everything he said held true. A+
R. K.
Great Service and Very Efficient!
Mehul P.
Jeff was very nice.
Howard G.
This is my third mortgage with Debra. She is excellent!
Morry was great! He was very helpful and professional.
Jane L.
Cindy knew everything regarding the paperwork.
Jerry D.
Jim is great!
Troy M.
Jeff has been great to work with.
S. M.
I have worked with Kevin many times in the past and have always had very favorable experiences.
Steve did a great job!
Russ R.
Anthony was excellent in his ability to handle problems and explain issues. He kept us informed and in the loop concerning all aspects of our complicated refinance.
Brian and his team always provide excellent service. We will continue to pass his name along. Thanks You!
Marie M.
Fred did a great job!
John K.
Howard is the best! We always recommend him. His integrity, willingness and ability to make the process as easy as possible is unmatched by anyone we've ever met. His is outstanding.
Teme R.
Kevin was terrific.
Neil H.
Melanie went above and beyond keeping us informed and returning our calls.
Lori S.
Everything was great and easy. We will recommend your company to others. Thanks!
Doug L.



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