Client Reviews

January - March 2011

Matt was great. He made the first time home buying experience so much better with his knowledge and professionalism. Will definitely highly recommend him to others.
Leticia S.
Kevin went above and beyond the "call of duty" in dealing with ridiculous Chase Bank problems. He was fantastic.
Jerry S.
Tammy is trustworthy and dependable. She delivers results everytime!
Annamalai S.
This is my third experience with Jill. One house and two refinances. It has been wonderful. She's a keeper!
Jill D.
Jan is awesome!
Matched expectations because my expectations were already high!
Daniel K.
Ed worked very hard to get a good rate for me, and I'm eternally grateful!
Laura V.
Let Mike do more, he's the best! Always calls back, friendly and very professional.
Thank you! Great job.
Jill -- Just keep up with the great service. You were great to wrok with-very friendly and made everything so easy.
Linda F.
I think Harry was excellent and will very likely use him again and refinance.
Cathy was very helpful.
Kim was the best!
Mahyar I.
Phil was extremely helpful and made this a pleasant experience. Thank You.
Greg Z.
Keep Jill!
Jim was excellent! He is highly recommended!
Terence M.
Our mortgage broker Jeff was great!
Phil was instrumental in walking me through the required steps, providing me with tips, and encouraging me to complete the process.
Jonathan B.
Brian B.
Was well done. Closing done at home was a very nice service.
Don K.
It was comforting to do business with Pat. She really knows the programs and understands my needs. She is a real credit to your team! It is because of Pat that I will do business with you.
J. B.
Just wanted you to know how satisified I was with the service and effort made by Scott. He was terrific!
Marion G.
Debra explained everything very well and gave very good instructions and advice. She is a treasure. Please treat she as such.
Guy M.
Mark is a pro.
Alycia J.
This is our 2nd good experience with your company!
Ale L.
Mitch was fantastic. Great service and great rate. He made it happen.
Philip F.
Ed is great!
Brenda B.
Jeff is the best!
Eric was fantastic - very professional, Great to work with. Thank you Eric!
Sharon O.
Brian was great! Very patient with our questions.
Joan B.
Maintain your exceptional sevice level.
James P.
Elaine is fantastic and is an asset to your organization!
Sandy B.
Tammy and her team went well over and above for my very small loan. She had creative solutions to my issues. She wouldn't give up until I closed.
Julie M.
Process was easy with my loan officer.
Michael W.
Morry was great! So was his assistant - Katie.
M. C.
Kevin is wonderful.
Service adviser did great job. Excellent follow through.
Steven C.
Cherie was tremendous and easy to work with! A big departure from past experiences with other companies.
R. L.
Morry was great. He was very helpful!
Karl F.
I was treated very respectively.
Ailene B.
Carl was excellent!
Sally R.
Brian was amazing.
Kristy S.
Job very well done.
Sean C.
Lynn did an amazing job handling the details. We are planning to build in the near future. Draper and Kramer Corp. is at the top of our list for construction loans.
Rob V.
Mark did an amazing job. I always felt very informed and he was very helpful.
Neil P.
Don't change a thing!
Gradinir J.
I really enjoyed working with Chris - he was great!
Brady O.
It could not have gone better - thanks!
Phil C.
Everything was excellent!
Great Service - thanks!
Greg M.
Suren and Erin are great!
Excellent Service!
Tom is excellent!
Jeff M.
Ed did a great job!
Leo C.
Phil was amazing. He did a fantastic job moving the process along. Couldn't ask for any better service.
Adam was wonderful. He did exactly what he promised. Both timely and pleasant.
M. N.
Carl and his team helped us every step of the way and went above and beyond to see that our loans were approved. Thank You!
Pat S.
I was quite pleased how all aspects of the loan procedure were handled. Thanks so much!
Phyllis H.
We want to extend a special thanks to two exceptional professionals in your organization, Jordon and Rhia. They both are a pleasure to work with.
I have already referred someone to you.
Karen C.
I thought that John and all of his associates did an excellent job. Your firm is very well represented by your staff. Congratulations on doing a terrific job with a difficult loan.
Ronnie S.
Keep pricing competitive and allow loan officers to offer a variety of programs to gain an edge on big banks.
Vince C.
Brett and m Team did a great job!
Peter was great to work with. Thank you.
Robert W.
Everything is so easy.
Jennifer F.
Everything was great! Thank you.
Daniel G.
I was very impressed with Sue. She made the entire process seem easy.
Carol P.
We love Nick.
Valerie M.
Everything was great.
Julie M.
Wonderful experience and attitude from Carl and Donna. Thank you very much.
Anna K.
Adam is an excellent person. Thank you very much!
Michael B.
Kevin did a great job!
Eric R.
Very knowledgeable, trustworthy and fast. Will highly recommend.
Kevin is an excellent agent.
I use only Fred and refer my friends. Fred is an outstanding employee with great follow-up.
Mary B.
Very good service.
Tim C.
Don't ever loose Kim - she is the reason we came to Draper and Kramer Corp.
Jim S.
Mitch was great! I would highly recommend him and your company.
Kevin C.
It was nice to have the option of having the closing take place in the home.
Patricia S.
Tammy is awesome! A true professional and I would recommend her to anyone, anytime.
Gary H.
Clone a bunch of Jack's.
Jim C.
Keep up your good work.
Darlyne W.
Suzanne was the best and I will recommend and use again.
Blair K.
Clone Bonnie!
Mark was very helpful and everything went very well. Thank you.
Jeanette L.
Get more guys like Tim.
Tim I.
I have worked with Kristen in the past so my expectations are already very high given my past experiences. I have already referred people to Kristen.
Service was excellent.
C. W.
Great Job Austin! We will refer you and your company.
Frank G.
The service from Cindy was excellent.
Steve W.
Tom is the best! Look forward to working with him again.
Brian W.
Seventh refi with Kevin. Always been happy with the service. I have referred many friends and family.
Bonnie is a top drawer in the profession. She is the best pofessional loan/mortgage leader. She is the best.
John B.
Howard was excellent.
Bruce K.
Carl was such a blessing to work with. I'm super impressed with the attention and support he provided.
Megan G.
I have already referred someone to Brian.
M. A.
Expectations were high and they have always been met. They are great!
Service is excellent.
Edward W.
We expect a high level of service from you and we get it. Bonnie does a great job for us.
John H.
Anthony went above and beyond in helping us refinance. He was willing to accomodate our busy schedules and meet with us outside normal business hours. Thank you.
Jill does a great job and is a true professional.
Mike W.
We always expect - and get - great service from Kevin.
Carol W.
Lynn was warm and friendly.
Gerry M.
Suren is wonderful.
I. A.
Brett is a pro and great to work with.
Laurence B.
Adam is very good, and I recommend him all the time. Professional and an overall nice person to deal with.
S. R.
Courtney did our original mortgage and I chose to streamline with Draper and Kramer Corp. because she was so helpful and knowledgeable.
Clarice A.
Andrew and Jackie make a great team!
James made the process very easy. We have referred him to many of our friends.
McKay J.
Jeff is great to work with.
Elaine L.
Carl did an outstanding job from start to finish. He was clearly on our side and worked hard to satisfy us. Thank You!
So pleased with the efficiency and follow-up. It was a very smoothe process.
Jackie S.
I can't believe how easy this was.
Karen A.
Bruce is a service oriented mortgage provider. We will refer all our relatives and friends to him. Great Job!
D. A.
I can't say enough good things aobut Tom. He is the most service oriented and conscientious broker with whom I've worked. Many thanks to him!
Olga P.
I had very high expectations and all were met 100%.
Bernard D.
Overall, we had a great experience.
Marlene is extremely knowledgable! I trust her expertise. Top Notch! She mad a very big "life" decision much easier. I really appreciated her timely answers to my questions. I would recommend Marlene to anyone looking for a loan or refi.
Lisa W.
It was a pleasure working with Jeff.
Mary Z.
It was amazing. Thank you Jeff and Draper and Kramer Corp.
Joe K.
Gary worked hard to close the loan and kept us informed throughout the entire process.
Jeffrey W.
You have a real pro in Jorden.
Gary H.
Keep doing what you are doing Matt. Thank you for everything.
C. B.
Aki is fantastic!
Ajay M.
Cherie came highly recommended and was wonderful to work with. I also like her newsletter.
William J.
Mike was great. Very responsive and answered all inquireis patiently, quickly and in an easy to understand manner.
Laura H.
Jim was fantastic with my refinancing and would recommend him to my family and friends.
Kinna P.
You guys did in 60 days what took BOFA 120. Thanks again.
I couldn't take time off of work. I very much appreciated your people coming to my house, especially in the evening.
Judith W.
Great Service!
P. S.
Matt did a great job and is great with follow up and returning emails and calls. I will refer when I get the opportunity. Keep up the great work.
Ted A.
Very professional and a breeze.
Dominic R.
Everything was handled professionally, securely and in a timely manner. Thanks!



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