Client Reviews

April - June 2011

I've referred others to Bruce Bufe given our satisfaction.
Mark is Awesome.
Jeff is the very best!
Thank You Mark for all you did for me! Mark was amazing. His knowledge and attention to detail was super. He helped me every step of the way and kept me very well informed. What an outstanding experience I had in working with Mark.
Gina H.
Very Pleased.
Perfect experience!
David P.
Jeff is a tremendous, personable, and professional broker. An asset to your organization. We will use him again in the future.
Stephen C.
Get More People Like Kevin!
Mike S.
Great Job - Thank you for all your help.
Joe G.
As first time buyers, I was extremely nervous about the process of buying a home. What concerned me the most was the fear of being ripped off or taken advantage of. So I began the process by reading books, looking through websites, and finding any tips I could to make sure I knew what to expect and what not to put up with. I put together a spreadsheet of questions to ask each lender (some of which I knew the answers to, but wanted to see if they would try and lead me astray) and started calling people all over Chicago. When I got to Draper and Kramer Corp., I was put in touch with Jim, who spent almost 40 minutes with me on the phone walking me through the process, answering my questions, asking me questions, and most importantly, making me feel comfortable with how the process works. What impressed me the most was his honesty - he told me not what I WANTED to hear, but what I NEEDED to hear. Soon thereafter, I scheduled an initial meeting with him in his office to further interview him. He waited 40 minutes for us while we were caught in traffic after 5pm to talk us through the process (again, we hadn't committed to him at this point) and we continued to feel at ease with his answers. I flat out asked him questions like 'what is your commission' to see how he would react, and he continued to be honest and professional. Soon thereafter, we were applying. The application process was as smooth as could be expected...lots of paperwork, but that's going to be the case anywhere. He always followed up with us on its status, kept us advised on rates, and recommended to us what he would do if he were in the situation we were in. He was able to lock us in at a favorable rate AND give us credit at closing. As the process continued, he was always prompt with following up (very important to us) and was accessible by e-mail and cell. We had a few unexpected items come up towards the end (not his fault) and he did his best to handle them and guide us through. At the end, he came with us to closing and secured us a loan with a competitive rate and never left us on our own. We were very glad that we went with Jim and would recommend him to anyone.
TJ did another fantastic job for us.
Adam S.
John did an excellent job getting my refinance through as quickly as possible. Thank you!
Jorden was fantastic! He was on top of everything, proactive, and a pleasure to work with. I wish everybody everywhere was as good as Jorden! A Highly recommended professional.
Brian K.
Matt was a True Professional. He was extremely helpful through what was a difficult short sale process.
Andrew M.
Tom was the best in helping us through the mortgage process.
K. H.
Bob is the greatest! He's personable, helpful and honest.
Tim was Awesome. I have bought and sold numerous properties & refinanced the same- this was the smoothest application and close to date!
A. R.
Communicating with Liza was amazing. She is a pleasure to work with. She was with me every step of the way. I can't remember ever being helped by such a caring and pleasent person. She was on top of all my concerns immediatly!
Lorraine N.
Josh went above and beyond! Amazing!
Would be hard to improve.
Jerry is great!
Melanie was very good to work with she did an exceptional job of keeping me informed and getting the best rate for me. Very pleased with the service I recieved.
Gil really worked w/ us to move things along despite our limited availability.
Couldn't get much better than Mark! He makes it easy and painless.
Janice M.
Great service from TJ - would recommend to friends.
We will always be calling Jim for all of our financial / financing needs in the future. He was a pleasure to work with!
Dino R.
You couldn't have done better. Process was smooth and easy from beginning to end.
Bill W.
Susan and Jan were excellent!
Debra did an outstanding job! She was great and we would recomend her to everyone!
Shannon H.
Jorden is the best ever mortgage broker. He knows his stuff is conscientious knowledgable, caring. I will follow what ever he says!
Patricia M.
Give Mitch a Raise!
John K.
Alison was great. I will recommend her to anyone needing a loan.
Robert F.
Great Job!
Hope Pat will be around for our second house.
Roohel T.
Larry was extremely responsive and very good at answering questions. Will definatly use again if opportunity arises.
Helen W.
Everything was perfect and smooth.
Preyash S.
Carl was fantastic towork with - our loan process was tedious at times due to the seller, but Carl made sure we stayed sane and reassured us at all times. We were well informed and he ensured our process went off as hoped on closing day. Carl was wonderful!
Tim did a great job. I was very happy!
Gregory S.
Jeff was a huge help. Jeff being at our closing made the process smooth and without hickups. We felt like we had "our People" at closing with our agent, attourney and Jeff. My agents were impressed he was there. Thank you sir!
Luke N.
Scott was GREAT! Couldn't have been any better!
Everything was perfect. Dave answered All of our questions proptly and thoroughly. He was awesome.
Jennifer P.
Top notch service + results!
We had very high expectations and they were met!
Thomas N.
Thank you for your attention to detail!
John C.
Austin was very responsive and helpful. I wish more people were as easy to work with.
Iris R.
Jorden is the best.
Morry and Katie are great!
Personal touches a must, keep up the great work!
Entire process was easy and stress - free thanks!
Jason I.
Anthony was tremendous throughout the entire process. He should be commended for his professionalism and courtesy.
Harry is great, made the entire process the least of my worries, I would highly recommend him to my friends in the future.
Bryan M.
Jack was awesome throught the process he was very hlpful and explained everything as it was happening. We will definatly use Draper and Kramer Corp. again and work with Jack again!
Katherine P.
Closing was exceptionaly easy.
Jan was amazing!
Give Bruce a Big Raise!
Give Debra Waks a Raise.
Cindy was great!
Kandi G.
Everything went extremely well, now I'm enjoying my new home! Thanks!
Kevin T.
We are very greatful to work with Brett. He is a true professional and excellent communicator.
Heather V.
Tim was very helpful! He even went out of his way to meet us in order to pick up some necessary documents. Will look to him shall we need any future services, But I'm hoping we are here to stay and doubt rates will be lower than ours.
Chris B.
Everyone was wonderful keep up the great work!
Debra Was Great!
Perfect experience.
Jim was amazing during the whole process. Thank you Jim!
Charlie C.
Kevin is the best + the only person I would ever want to work with because I trust him.
Lisa H.
This was so easy and Tom was always in touch and helped me through this entire process. I am very saticfied!
Sarah P.
Jackie was awesome! She's a Very competent person!
Karen D.
After our experience with a bank, this was wonderful. Bob helped us so much we appreciate his super service.
George S.
Rick was fantastic, would definitely recommend and already have! Thank you.
Jose S.
Keith came to closing, very helpful!
G. E.
Adam was very professional and timely--great job!
Steve is phenomenal!
We were completly satisfied - Excellent Service.
John B.
Jeff was Great!
Always outstanding.
Brian and his team were great!
Elisa A.
All happened as promised and in very timely manner.
Barb S.
Saul is the best!
John G.
Suren was just awesome. Very helpful, informative responsive and most of all it was clear he was acting in our best interests. I would unconditionally recomend Suren to all my friends!
Wern T.
I was extremely happy with the service.
Joan G.
Fred is great to work with!
Jamie B.
Lisa is exceptionally well prepared, professional, pleasant and detail-oriented. She's always a pleasure to work with.
Chris J.
Have and will continue to do business with Fred. I have refurred friends & family who are equally as happy with his service!
Keep it up. Thanks.
Manoj B.
The above average responses are due to exemplary customer service performed by Lisa. She consistently demonstrated a high level of knowledge, responsiveness and ability to educate about this process. I chose D&K after interviewing Wells Fargo, Chase, B of A + Independents.
Dave V.
Manny was very professional! I will continue to refer! Thank-you!
K. L.
Bonnie was excellent. We plan on using her in the future.
Steve does great work.
Ellen E.
Ed did a great job!
Dan P.
Jeff handled everything extremely well and promptly - even checkin in while out of the country on vacation. We look forward to working with Jeff again.
Darily G.
Anthony is the best loan rep I have ever dealt with over several years of mortgage & refis. He is extreamly professional and really went the extra yard to get my loan done.
Edward M.
Jim was fantastic!
K. W.
Marlene handled our application very well.
Cathy has been an incredible partner for me and my family and has always come through on financing. She is great to work with adn I'd never consider looking elsewhere!
A. B.
Jorden is a fantastic professional!
Kevin G.
Great Job - Already referred a co-worker.
Jordan S.
Suzanne was absoluetly wonderful, she was there for us every step of the way. I would / will recommend her to everyone!
Christina B.
Met my high expectations from past experience with James. Excellent loan officer and have already recommended to friends.
Louis F.
Extremely Satified.
Natalie N.
Lots of thanks to Austin for making it such an easy process for me. I would recommend you in a heart beat!
Rosa S.
Brett is wonderful to work with.
Harvey Y.
Keep Sue Weinberg On For Life!
T. P.
We wanted to process this sale by year's end. Austin treated us well (exceptionally well) and met the challenges with ease and confidence. I have the utmost faith and trust in Austin. He should be commended for his knowledge and expertise.
David C.
Keep up the good work. Thank you!
Emilia N.
Fred deserves a raise!
Denise B.



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