Client Reviews

July - September 2012

Tim is fantastic! Thanks for everything!
Brian S.
My Loan officer Terry was fantastic.
Michael W.
Mark is FANTASTIC! I will continue to recommend him to future buyers and will personally utilize his mortgage services too.
Ivan L.
Matt is professional and personable and I felt that I was in good hands throughout the process.
Kelly P.
Suzanne was outstanding.
Kristin K.
Great experience.
Robert S.
Excellent customer service. Thank you for a wonderful experience.
Michael H.
We had a great experience thanks to our advisor.
Eric M.
James was awesome. He went way above and beyond the expectations we had for a loan officer. We had a unique situation with our building and fought for our loan to go through and to ensure that we were satisfied. I am extremely pleased and looking forward to working with him again. Our refi is completely done and he still continues to check in to see if I have any questions. This is really unheard of these days. Thank you.
John F.
Tony was great - as always!
George K.
Keep up the good work. Always a pleasure.
John S.
Ive already passed on Dale name so I guess that says alot we really liked him and his service was Great he walked me thru a lot of things, Thanks Dale.
Thomas H.
Everything was handled in a speedy professional manner.
Oreste B.
You guys are awesome...It was quick and fast process.
Krishna D.
Jim goes above and beyond our expectations of a mortgage broker. He always makes us feel like we're his best and only cleints. We appreciate the attention to details from him and his team. Well done! Smoothest close ever.
Brian D.
Excellent all round.
Robert R.
Mark always does a great job. I have recommended him to many of my friends and family and everyone has been serviced in a very professional manner.
James K.
Jim kept the deal together...for that I am grateful. My hat does go off to Jim.
Joseph R.
No, I was extremely pleased with my experience. The Loan Officer and his team are very knowledgeable, professional and provide excellent customer service.
Himanshu P.
Always happy with the service Draper and Kramer Corp. Mortgage provides me.
Shawn F.
Matt is the main reason I choose Draper and Kramer Corp. He is an excellent, knowledgeable loan officer who I trust implicitly.
Bridget C.
I would like to commend our agent, Lisa, for doing such an excellent and professional job. We would have been lost without her.
Brian P.
Suren is the best agent I've ever dealt with.
Pinakapani M.
My husband and I were very impressed with Debra. She was extremely helpful. We were confident that we got the best mortgage rate and service possible. We felt Debra went above and beyond to meet our needs.
Charles E.
Probably the best experience I"ve ever had! Paul was so knowledgeable and helpful! The closing process was super easy too. Thanks.
Andrea M.
Keep Jorden - he was great!
James M.
Brenda is great to work with. She is very knowledgable of the products and stays very current on up to date economic issues and regulations that may effect rate movement in the marketplace.
Gregory G.
Suren is best loan officer I've ever delt with.
Mathews P.
Everything went really well and I am very happy with the service I received. Suzanne was great to work with and was always prompt and professional. She made the process very easy and I would absolutely make use of her services again and recommend her to others.
Andrew B.
We do have to say we we very impressed with the responsiveness of Renee. She responded to e-mails very quickly and made the process easy.
Kevin B.
Great experience.
Patrick E.
Jim is the best! He explained everything to us and was great to work with.
Johnathan S.
Matt is awesome!
Mark is someone I've referred to several other people.
Excellent work. Always in time great job.
Ketu A.
Anthony was professional and extremely helpful. Great Experience.
D. P.
Mary Ellen is the greatest! She is so efficient and truly cares!!
Joseph L.
Clone Cathy.
Karen C.
We have refinanced many times (or purchased a home) and this was our best experience working with a loan officer - Jeff went above and beyond!
Katie D.
TJ is excellent.
It was wonderful experience thank you Tim!
Jim is very prompt and honest this is our 3rd time dealing with him.
Mary H.
Suren is simply "awesome" very professional. He is your crown Jewel Suren is my Life Time Agent.
Vinay C.
Tim and your company was great!
Jaime K.
Get more Jorden's!
Harry does an outstanding job I have and will continue to recommend him to others.
Bob F.
Alison was exceptional and deserves a raise.
Joe L.
Kevin was the best!
Jennifer C.
Paul is great!
All was very well thank you.
Patricia A.
Adam is a great asset to your company! My household and I express our heartfelt thank you to him!
John was great to work with!
Gary was extremely helpful, and always available to answer my questions adn get me through this difficult process. Thanks!
Carrie C.
Vince was fantastic.
Everything was perfect!
Amy B.
Debra was great to work with in getting the loan.
Jim was fantastic to work with. Thanks!
Margaret M.
Jerry was very helpful and we were very happy with the service we recieved.
Jen L.
Great process overall!
Alison S.
Mark is a true asset to Draper and Kramer Mortgage Corp!
John N.
Matt did a great job and we were very satisfied. Would recommend to others. Thanks
We think Jorden is great and always seems to pull through for us.
My Overall rating is based on Suren matching my previous excellent experiences.
Stephen W.
Lisa is a real Pro. She did an exemplary job in every possible way and I would recommend her highly.
Dave K.
Incredible Service From Debra!
I have no reservations when I recommend Suren to my friends.
Vivek K.
Mike has been great to work with.
Christian E.
We were impressed by Cynthia's availability and all of the help she provided
Jerry and his team were great they helped me during the entire process great job!
Matt did a wonderful job! A pleasure to work with!
Connie C.
Melanie was great, very professional.
Justin T.
Tammy is a wonderful person to work with.
Vicki H.
Jorden is excellent. We've been working with him for a few years and its a pleasure to do business with him.
It was great!
Marilee S.
The entire experience was great!
Douglas L.
Experiance was great, got good deal, lower payments in less years.
M. L.
TJ was outstanding from start to finish.
Rose M.
Great experience thanks!
McKay J.
Really great, easy, quick.
Samir D.
Tom was very helpful and kept me informed at all times. I really appreciated his help!
Barb C.
Keep up the good work.
Rajender D.
John was fantastic!
Melanie E.
Alison is the best - I have 100% confidence in her!
Amy A.
No improvement necessary Paul did an excellent job.
Saul R.
Jim is wonderful to work with Love Him and will use again.
Johanna W.
Lisa is fabulous to work with, professional and informative. I'm so pleased with my loan. Thank you.
Elizabeth H.
I was a first time home buyer and was working full time, the process was relatively quick and easy.
Alston P.
Tim was great!
Gary is the best!
Sharon C.
Matt did a great job.
Kevin M.
Keep doing what you are doing Great service Jeff.
Tom R.
Jorden and Rhia are total Pros! They excel at what they do. Jorden has been great. We will continue to use and recommend him.
Brian K.
3rd time we have used Jill. She does a great job!
Jerry, Jodi & Tina gave us personal attention and were very responsive. They were always pleased to answer our questions.
Eileen T.
Lynn and Tim were exceptional. They were very knowledglable always responded immediatly and couldnt have provide more assistance.
Pamela K.
Quality custumer service.
Thanks for your help!
Eugene S.
Adam was fantastic!
Marty O.
Mark was great.
Mark is the best.
Rhia is great!
Tom R.
Keep up the good work!
Marcus B.
Cathy does a great job!
Patrick C.
Both times we have worked with Tom have been very easy and effecient he is very helpful
Leslie G.
Kevin rocks!
Paula V.
Diana was great throughout the whole process Jerry was good and professional.
Lisa was fantastic to work with she made everything very easy.
Excellent service and very happy to work with Suren.
Ketu A.
Matt is fantastic.
Brian S.
As before... promote Brett and give him a raise.
Jon J.
Jim is the best! His attentioan to detail is excellent! He deserves a raise.
A. K.
It has been a pleasure working with Tammy and we will continue to refer friends and coworkers to her!
Jeremy R.
Great experience overall. Thank you!
I have already sent you a referal!
Steve G.
Cherie was excellent to work with - very professional and patient.
Idiatn C.
Bob was great! I am definitely refering friends.
N. V.
Joe was great.
You are the best.
Give Gary a raise.
Excellent Service, Knowledgeable Staff.
Syed S.
Best Service.
Pankaj P.
We were very pleased with the whole process!
Cheryl N.
Len is Awesome!
We've worked with Jorden before so we expected a lot! Jorden and Rhia are terrific!
Deb L.
Suren was very helpful throughout the process.
Vishnumoorthi K.
Ann is excellent!
Matt did a great job!
Karen M.
We were very happy with the services provided by Kevin. He did a great job and we have rocommended to our friends.
Tim rocks!
Tim I.
I have recommended Steve to several friends.
Debra was great!
Keep up the excellent service.
Thomas O.
Will always use Jorden.
Tom was great to deal with.
Bill N.
Thank you for exceptional service!
Michael S.
When we encountered a "snafu" in our loan process, Tim was right there to rectify the problem and make sure we were taken care of for the the problem I would highly recommend tim to family and friends
Jill is wonderful.
We've worked with Matt before and know how good he is.
Arwen L.
Very nice doing business with Matt this is our 2nd time.
Mitch is the guy when it comes to loans! He knows his stuff and always takes great care of us!
Jerry was outstanding with his knowledge and help through the entire process.
Excellent from beging to end. Thank you to Suren and his team!
Leon Y.
I could not have been happier with the service provided by Jorden and his team. Rhia is great!
Michael S.
Perfect - Thanks Paul.
Len K.
Hire more Micheles!
Melanie Rocks!
Jeff was very professional and personal. I would do business with him again.
Daniel H.
Great Service - thank you.
Claude O.
Very pleased with working with Jorden Thank you!
John H.
I was very satisfied and everyone was very personable to work with. Very happy with my experience!
Jami W.
Keep it up.
Hitesh R.
Thank you so much.
A ++ Experience!
Jay S.
Gil was great to work with and we appreciate his persistence.
The loan advisor - Jill was great.
Have Dorothy do all the loans she's the best!
Bryan M.
Adam is a great young man to deal with!
William S.
Same great service as last time
Jonathan L.
Thanks Jill!
Everything went well easy and as expected. Thank you Jim for making he buing process painless!
Doug G.
Lisa is the easiest and nicest person with which to work I have recommended her to others!
Sarah B.
Mark was fantastic through the entire process and no surpises!
A. C.
David has been great.
Jennifer G.
As a veteran of a dozen or more mortgages, I thought I had seen it all but a process that actually had no surprises and finished early? AMAZING. Three cheers to Tim and his team!
Tom G.
Larry was awesome! Thanks!
Joe B.
Perfect as always.
I have used Bruce several times so I've come to expect the outstanding service he provides.
Ray D.
Thank you for all your help.
Linda P.
Steve is always helpful and accomdating.
M. P.
Service was #1. Excellent job well done!
Jane B.
Mark was great.
Excellent loan officers.
Get more loan oficers like Terrance... he exceeded every expectation I had.
John G.
Great Job thanks!
Keep Brett Happy!
R. S.
Everything was great.
Bruce is excellent.
Brian L.
Jason did an outstanding job of securing loan. He kept me informed of the whole process and consistently reminded me abut required documentation - without being pushy.
L. H.
Job well done.
Heloise N.
Keep up the good work that Harry has done for me!
Albert H.
The process was fast and easy.
Mayanl B.
Jim did a tremendous job and I cant thank him enough for his hard work.
Jeffrey M.



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