Client Reviews

January - March 2013

Keep up the great job that you currently do.
William T.
Lisa was fabulous...explained everything upfront, communicated/responded to inquiries in a timely fashion with all the answers and helped us understand our options and paperwork, closer was timely and came to the home. Experience was actually quite delightful with very little stress. Very grateful.
Tamara N.
I have no suggestions because I thought your services were perfect. I expected good, I got the best.
Stephen B.
Our Loan Officer,Jerry, is fantastic.
Michael R.
Very professional, thank you!
William F.
Absolutely love the option of having the closing at our home. This makes things so much easier for a two-parent working family. Gary is phenomenal. We've worked with him at least a half dozen times over the past 10-11 years in buying two homes and going through the re-fi process. We've recommended him to many people and consider him a family friend. Thanks for everything.
Brian W.
Suzanne is the consumate professional and everything went off without a hitch. from beginning to end. I feel extremely comfortable recommending her to clients or friends for her exemplary service.
Catherine T.
The mortgage closer that came out to close our mortgage was the BEST mortgage closer I have ever worked with. I have probably closed 15 mortgages in my life and she so exceeded any other closer, we were really pleased!
David S.
Debra is absolutely great!
Aaron L.
Kevin was great. Would work with him again.
Kristin K.
Ketan and Harsh are very good at their jobs. They do a great job of explaining the PROCESS and the numbers. Both are keys for success in this business. I will utilize Ketan for the rest of my life and I will recommend using him to all of my friends/family/contacts. He is an asset to have on the team.
Saumil S.
Even though we threw John a "few" curves he remained patient and overcame our bad pitching. In the end not only did we feel taken care of but, as my wife said, as if family was caring for us during the process. Thanks John.
Catherine B.
Tom was excellent!
Mary C.
Keep up the good work.
James C.
I worked with Josh and Becky and they were both very knowledgeable, professional, and easy to work with. When I first contacted Josh about refinancing (early 2012), it turned out I wasn't able to b/c my loan value was too low; however, he let me know that there was a program in the works that would potentially allow me to refinance. He encouraged me to check back with him and revisit the matter once the new program was in place. All to say that when the time came, he was more than happy to work with me and find a way to refinance my loan. It made me feel like I mattered and that there was something that could be done to lower my monthly payment. He also took me through the loan process and walked me through my new monthly payment, closing charges, etc. Becky was great to work with b/c she kept me apprised of where the loan process stood and she was very good about letting me know what was needed when so that I wasn't scrambling or surprised with any new information I might need to provide for the loan application. All in all, it was a great experience and Josh and Becky will come highly recommended if any friends and/or family are in need of financing/refinancing a home.
Laura M.
Linus is great! Extremely helpful, and very quick to respond to question. Thanks!
Kevin M.
A job well done. Thanks!
Aaron B.
I would like to mention how happy I am I choose Draper and Kramer Corp. Mortgage. I originally worked with Chase, only due to the fact that’s where I bank, and was extremely unhappy with the service I received/ didn’t receive. My realtor suggested I give Kris a call and from that first call through the closing Kris was very attentive and extremely helpful. I will always suggest Draper and Kramer Corp. Mortgage to all my friends and family in the area.
Ashley L.
Process was as pleasant as can be for getting a loan. I was told exactly what I needed to comply with the loan. No surprises. Also, the persons involved at the closing table were impressed that my loan funding was there early in the day and all requirements were met in a very timely manner. Smooth process.
Dawn J.
Everything went fast and I needed it to. So thanks for doing a great job for me and my family.
Richard K.
My sincere regards to Suren.
Asirur R.
Fred did a great job keeping us updated and informed through the entire process. It was also nice to have the option to have the closing take place right in our home - on a Friday night! Thank you for another great experience.
James M.
Jordan was awesome.
Ferdinand S.
We had a very pleasant and professional experience and will definitely consider for the next loan.
Michael K.
Jason is a great guy...highly recommended.
James L.
Jim did an excellent job. He is always professional and reliable and makes things simple & easy for me every time!
Kinna P.
Cathy does a great job.
Patrick C.
This was overall an excellent experience.
Steven B.
Some people view "matching expectations" as a negative -- my expectations were quite high, and those high expectations were met, so I did not score it as "exceeded expectations". It was a very positive experience.
Richard S.
I am fully satisfied with the service.
Kamlesh P.
Thank you for all that you all do as a staff!
Kenneth R.
Extremely happy with the loan officer and the entire process. Thank You.
Timothy M.
Paul is great to work with. He is highly responsive and also takes the time to answer any and all questions.
Thomas U.
Tony does an excellent job.
Bradley W.
The loan officer Bethany was great.
Ayelet F.
James was excellent.
McKay J.
Jim was always professional and responsive -- and provided meaningful advice at every step of the way. Bravo to Jim!
John P.
Great service! Thanks to Ketan and Harsh!
Rafique M.
Vince did a great job for us! He responded quickly when we had questions and explained things very well. He is efficient and professional. We hope to work with him again and will be recommending him to others!
Michael G.
Great company to work with, will recommend to everyone.
Linda P.
I was very happy with your services. Best experience I've had with obtaining a refinance.
Kristin K.
Everything went smoothly.
Brian L.
Josh was fantastic.
Jason K.
I think that word of mouth references are the best, that's how I found you. I thought the overall process went very well. Thanks!
Timothy H.
I believe that you have a very knowledgeable staff. Our loan officer was awesome. Her name is Marlene. She is who I will direct all my inquiries. Thank you!
Debbie G.
The process was fast and efficient.
Chadwick C.
Just wanted to say I was pleasantly surprised at the outstanding service, communication, and understanding your people displayed. From Jerry to Jodi. Thanks again.
Martin A.
Kris was awesome!
Donna W.
Was a smooth and easy process due to the staff you had working on my account.
Mark H.
I thought Jerry and Diana did an excellent job. I will definitely recommend them going forward.
Ketan S.
We handled the refinance of our home loan almost entirely by email. The process was really fast.
Steven S.
Cherie was fantastic. Thanks! We recommend Cherie to others frequently.
Rebecca L.
Really great job. Enjoyed working with Jorden. About as effortless as these types of things can be.
Peter D.
Overall I have been very happy with my experience so I would say just keep up the good work!
Laura P.
The ease of communicating, provision of fed ex packets to send things back and forth was a real plus for me as I could do the necessary paperwork in a timely way...thank you.
Susan V.
Thank you for your help and professionalism.
Salvator L.
Draper and Kramer Corp. Mortgage, a Draper an Kramer company is terrific to work with and Matthew, went above and beyond as well as all of the staff at Draper and Kramer Corp. I am referring Matthew and Draper and Kramer Corp. Mortgage to all of my friends, family and co-workers. Our experience was professional, friendly, and in a timely manner. We are happy and satisfied customers! Thank you so much.
Jose C.
All was very good!
James C.
Appreciate the excellent service and convenience of refinancing our loan.
David G.
Everything was good.
Anjani R.
David, our mortgage officer, was very knowlegeable, quick in his responses and always a pleasure to deal with. I would never consider another individual to assist us in our affairs. Thanks, again.
Brian O.
Fred did a great job.
Robert M.
Everything went great. Service was fantastic. Tim was great to work with!
Robert M.
Brett is great to work. I'm glad he was recommended to us. Thank you!
Hector S.
Thank you for a great experience.
Cheryl S.
I believe Adam did an excellent job of providing me with my loan.
Victoria E.
Bruce is highly professional and competent.
Wayne S.
Thanks to Suren for timely help with the refinance process.
Lakshmi T.
Give Mark a raise!
Paul K.
You have a very dedicated, focused team members who work very closely. I want to Thank Suren, Liza, Debbie, Mary etc.
Jayesh G.
We were very satisfied.
Justin G.
Mark did an excellent job! I look forward to working with him again and referring friends and family to him!
Stephen L.
I don't know how TJ could have done a better job. He was really fantastic.
Mary Beth S.
My experience with Matt handling my loan was exceptional! Start to finish re-finance in 24 days. I have already referred a coworker.
Kathy S.
Lisa was excellent! She was able to refinance our loan that had been rejected by many other banks. She was extremely attentive and responsive. Highly recommend! I will be sending family members to her for their mortgage needs.
Monica C.
Fred is very knowledgeable and efficient, and made the whole process painless with explanations and good advice every step of the way. Thank you!
David S.
We really enjoy working with Jim, he is very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with.
Frank R.
Kevin was excellent. He answered all my questions. He made the process easy!
Richard S.
Keep doing what you are. Bruce was very easy to work with and always made time for us, even outside business hours. His advice helped us get the best deal.
Derek L.
John and his team at Draper and Kramer Corp. Mortgage have been fantastic. I will definitely come back for any future mortgage needs.
Jessica J.
I found this experience to exceed my expectations. I live out of state and most of my interaction was with Lynn. She was extremely attentive and professional. If this is the service you give your customers I am not sure how you could improve. Thanks for the great service!
David S.
Adam and Sara were amazing to deal with throughout the entire process. They were quick to respond, answered all my questions, knowledgeable about the process, and overall a pleasure to deal with. Thank you.
Scot L.
Kevin was very helpful, made the process very easy.
Gerald M.
We were fortunate to be referred to Tony several years ago after hopping from one broker to another without confidence. Now that we work with Tony, we are very pleased. Tony is professional, responsive, knowledgeable and we have no hesitation on recommending him. If we can serve as a credential in any way for Tony we would be happy to. THANK YOU!
Julie W.
I love that we sign all the documents at our house now.
Peter T.
We really like working with Jill.
Timothy N.
Larry consistently provides excellent client service during the refi loan process.
David V.
I was very happy with the entire experience during the loan process, Thanks.
Robert L.
Really good professional job.
Daniel D.
Bob did an excellent job -- Thank you!
Fred C.



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