Client Reviews

April - June 2013

Very happy with service and I refer a lot of personal and professional business to TJ. He's excellent!
Lora P.
Brett was outstanding throughout the process--always available to answer questions, extremely knowledgeable, and very responsive when we explored different terms for the loan. We appreciated his sense of urgency and his dedication to making sure everything went smoothly!
Jonathan H.
Your company has far exceeded my expectations. I have recommended Draper and Kramer Corp. Mortgage to many of my friends, and they are all satisfied with the speed and the service offered by Suren.
Vivek K.
Steve is the best.
William P.
Jorden & Rhia were great ... very knowledgable, efficient, and answered all questions. Even the remote, mobile close at the house was efficient.
Georgia C.
Overall great experience!
Paul A.
Always great, thanks!
Christopher B.
2nd experience with you & it was extremely efficient & successful. Thank you.
Elinore M.
Robert was really helpful and really good at what he does. I will use him again and refer him to family/friends. He did a great job!
Brittney P.
I hope you appreciate what a fine employee you have in Lisa. She consistently stepped up and took responsibility when my real estate lawyer and real estate agent both dropped the ball at significant stages of the process. Lisa listens. She is also a clear communicator. Neither of the other folks on my team were particularly good at either, although I like them as individuals. It's really rather rare to find a person who has the whole skill set, and I just hope you appreciate her.
Janet B.
Jorden and Rhia are the best!
Michael S.
I worked with Barb, I could not be more satisfied with the services she provided. She is professional, personable and extremely knowledgeable about the whole refi process. I suggest you clone her.
Roger L.
I was very pleased and surprised at the effort, work and attention that our loan officer, Cindy put forth in making this happen! She is the reason we would return!
James T.
The staff was great to work with. It was teamwork! Harry & Monika were great to deal with!
Lelia G.
Barbara was excellent. We spoke many times, sometimes on weekends, and she was always professional and courteous and knowledgeable. I was thrilled with the refinance experience.
Christopher H.
Mark will always get my loans.
Joseph C.
I was very satisfied with Tim and will recommend him to anyone.
Sanjive K.
All went well. Please note that this is our third round (initial mortgage plus two refinancings) with Monika who is excellent. Each of the three times, she came up with superior terms to her competitors including beating out the bank with which we usually work and which claims to give us preferential treatment as a preferred customer. Her service through the complex process of preparing all our information is always thorough, responsive and accurate. Thank you.
Michael F.
Good Job!
Kenneth Y.
Lisa gave us special attention for our specific needs. She's awesome!
Kenneth S.
I would like to point out that David and Felicia are an awesome team. Dave has been answering questions about home ownership for me for about a year and a half. Closer to the purchase both Dave and Felicia were all over this. Much appreciated, thanks again!
Jason K.
Jeff is the best. I have worked with him three times and have recommended him to MANY. Thank you.
Cynthia B.
Mark is excellent!
Gary E.
Anthony Reda was extremely helpful & knowledgeable. He was very attentive and helped guide us with any questions and instructions throughout the entire process.
William C.
TJ is amazing. Give the man a huge raise!
Vaiva V.
Matt and Sam were amazing. Clear communications, fast processing, always ahead of schedule on a very tight closing. Best service ever.
John K.
Keep up the great work! Great experience!
Bradley R.
We spent almost three hour at Chase Bank, got all kinds of promises, gave so much info, had someone come in to appraise our condo, spent over $300, and the list goes on and on and then they said, "sorry but we can't help you." We are so very, very pleased with Draper and Kramer Corp. and in particular Jerry and his assistants.
Karen S.
Keep Up the Good Work.
Niraj S.
Job well done! Thank you.
Robert R.
The loan officer was very efficient and kept me posted the whole process. Thank you.
Karen L.
Mark was GREAT! He worked first wth my son and his loan and then worked with Jim and I. If it wasn't for him we would not have had to opportunity to refinance our mortgage. Thank you so much!
James R.
Adam did a fine job.
Douglas H.
We received excellent service during this entire process and especially appreciated Jim's responsiveness to all of our questions and concerns. We also enjoyed browsing his daily blog from time to time which provided some very timely information.
Ferdinand A.
Mitch is fantastic. I will use him in the future.
Scott P.
Everything from the original phone call to the refinance closing with Draper and Kramer Corp. was a wonderful experience especially my loan officer Jason.
Ronald N.
Jim did a great job.
Roshani C.
Suzanne provided exceptional service and was super knowledgeable.
Luca F.
Keep up the good work.
Murahari V.
Wonderful experience.
Oleg S.
Suren is doing a great job. All the best for providing a high class service.
Ghanshyam A.
I chose the loan officer Jim. I would have gone with him regardless of the company that he was with. He is one of the best in the business.
Edward W.
Ann gave exceptional service. She is an incredible resource!
Lynn M.
Marlene is very good.
Paul J.
We loved working with Cathy.
Matthew W.
Matt was extremely helpful in finding the right refinance product for us and answering our many questions throughout the process. I'm very appreciative of all his help.
Aaron F.
My Loan Officer was always prompt in responding to my questions.
James K.
Recognize TJ for his outstanding attention to detail and communication with us throughout the process. We will definitely do business with him again.
Craig W.
Our loan officer was extremely friendly and helpful, and we would work with her again anytime.
Gary N.
I feel that Tammy is a very smart and nice person. She knows her work and is very good with people like my wife and I. Tammy helped us resolve two problems. We felt very comfortable with Tammy during our refi. process. Thank You Draper and Kramer Corp. and Tammy for all your help.
Lucian S.
Fred with Draper and Kramer is a fantastic broker. Clone Fred.
Thano T.
I have to say Bob was the easiest person to work with. My previous loan experience with another mortgage company was horrible. This experience was very easy, and he was very personable. I respect that very much in the economic times. I do not see this level of customer service when I believe this should be a priority. Thanks.
Steven F.
Dont ever let Matt leave your firm! He was fantastic! As a first time home buyer he took the time to explain everything to the smallest detail if requested.
Amber M.
Everything was handled perfectly! Matt Mikhail is a very knowledgeable, honest and a very nice man!
Melissa K.
Our experience was very professional and the closing was very quick and professional as well.
Michael M.
Mark was very helpful and extremely knowledgable. Pleasure to work with him.
Adam J.
Ann and Sarah were terrific to work with and I can't imagine finding nicer or more professional people.
Michael S.
TJ was great, full of knowledge and quick to get back to me with questions I had. He really went above and beyond. My family and I couldn't be any happier. Thanks again!
Brian C.
Staff was really helpful! I appreciated the patience the staff gave me during the process.
Raymon C.
Jill did a great job in keeping me informed through the refi process.
Kyle B.
Your services are the best in the business, Working with Jim is so easy and he takes all your challenges away, I have recommended your services to many friends already, Thanks again.
Willem M.
Everything went smoothly, and you provided the most competitive pricing for the HARP product. Thanks.
Jeffrey R.
Thank you very much! Cherie was an absolute pleasure to work with.
Vicki S.
Had a great experience. Mark was amazing to work with. We could not be more satisfied.
Jeffrey L.
Everything was perfect! A huge thank you to Terry.
Heidi J.
Jill was awesome. House was a Fannie Mae foreclosure with endless requirements and complications. She was on top of everything and often worked after hours, before hours and days off to help the process along. We are very grateful to her!
David S.
Keep up the good work Jeff!
Patrick N.
Really appreciated closing being so easy in our home. Thank you.
John D.
Lisa was excellent as usual: knowledgeable, professional and pleasant. She's wonderful to work with on what can be a tedious process.
Chris J.
Keep Monika on your payroll!
Timothy S.
Tammy was my loan officer in the past, and I had a terrific experience with her. Tammy is a real industry asset; professional, knowledgeable, and fast. I completely trust her and will seek her out again should the need ever arise.
Timothy K.
Mark is very attentive, taking time to explain our lending options and the entire underwriting process.
Grant F.
Love working with Jorden.
Christine I.
Have everyone take lessons from Barb. We had been trying for 4 years, and always told "We can't do that," after having expectations raised. Barb took all our information, said she could help us, and then went to work to end our 4 year nightmare of trying to refi. Thank You Barb.
Robert S.
Mark is a great mortgage adviser - very knowledgeable and customer oriented!
Kenneth D.
Closer services were very smooth and competent. Helpful information and suggestions re process offered. Loan officer Adam was alert and asked the right questions at the outset to indicate receptivity to our situation as retirees with some assets.
Evan F.
Jeff is a true professional and a pleasue to work with.
Joseph O.
Jess was fantastic! She handled everything in timely, professional manner and we can't say enough great things about her.
Mark R.
Jim is fantastic. Thank you.
Thomas M.



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