Client Reviews

October - December 2013

Working with Bruce has always been an outstanding experience.
Philip R.
My loan officer Matt was very helpful. He even responded to questions while his wife was giving birth to their first baby. Thank you Matt.
Verne R.
Loan Officer Tae is fantastic.
Michael O.
Mark has helped me in most excellent manner.
Arkadiy K.
I would recommend that all of the loan officers are efficent and professional as Roberto it was such a pleasure doing business with him. And a special thank also to Robertos team.
Marina T.
We've already recommended your office to our friends who are looking for house and might need a loan.
Robert S.
John is a very knowledgeable and pragmatic officer and is a pleasure to work with. As someone who works in the financial services industry, I run across a lot of lenders and it is rare for me to be so impressed by someone. Mortgages are a commodity these days, but the people you work with make a difference.
Christopher S.
Our experience was a very good one.
Robert M.
Steve has handled many mortgages for me. He's far and away the most no non-nonsense, get it done person in the mortgage business. Couldn't imagine having to deal with anyone else. Many thanks Steve.
Hyde R.
Vince handled everything more professionally and with expediency. It was my smoothest finance experience ever. Thank You.
John C.
Everyone my husband and I dealt with was very professional and knowledgeable about the loan process and were always eager to assist us. Thank you!
Amy B.
Mitch is the reason I transacted business with this firm and the reason I was able to get my end of it done: he was sensitive to my concerns, always keeping an eye on what was necessary to keep progress moving. I am extremely pleased and will give Mitch's name to any and all of my friends and business associates who may be in the market for a loan or a refi. Great job Mitch! Thanks!
Susan B.
It was a pleasure doing business with James.
Maria S.
My rep is Marlene. She is the main reason. Always available to answer questions. Knows what she's doing and keeps us posted on things. Makes things easier. Thank you.
John K.
Bruce was very knowledgable of the complexities surrounding my particular situation that involved an appraisal that did not come in at the agreed upon price with the seller. His experience was helpful in initially getting opinions from other appraisers and then quickly processing my loan. While we only talked on the phone, I got the impression that he was knowledgable of the nuances of the mortgage process and had high ethical standards.
Todd S.
Best experience I have ever had. Vince was awesome and was there for us any day or night. He alwasy kept us informed and walked us through everything to make the process smooth. Thanks again!
Timothy B.
I can't imagine how the process could have been any smoother or efficient.
William F.
Tammy was OUTSTANDING...she was quick to respond to my inquires and she was "on top" of the entire process!
Jill Z.
Debra is great. She is experienced and knowledgeable and makes it a "one stop shop!"
Monika H.
You guys are great!
Vladimir V.
I have high expectations so meeting those is extremely good! Congrats!
Nicholas F.
Matt was our loan officer. He was recommended by a friend as very professional, approachable and fast. We were not disappointed on any front. He was just great.
George J.
I worked with Mitch and I could not have been happier!
Brian C.
Matt was a wonderful loan officer to work with. He was timely, knowledgeable, friendly, and went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable with the ins and outs of the first-time home buying process. I can't speak highly enough of his professionalism.
Kendra C.
Kathy is a real professional. Proactive, Aggressive, Communicator.
Lance H.
Paul was most helpful through this whole process. His information and guidance were greatly appreciated.
Mark B.
The service and knowledge provided was incredible. You guys are awesome!
Douglas L.
Overall experience was excellent - Loan officer was efficient, professional, and knowledgeable. Very satisfied and will recommend to others.
Dalin B.
No suggestions - great experience overall!
Chad G..
Rochelle was great. Responses were very timely, always had the correct info to help me make decisions.
Eric D.
I had a great experience working with Paul. He very patiently explained everything to me, and helped me with all of my first time homebuyer questions. All responses were quick, which I highly appreciated. Keep up the excellent service and customer care for all of the people I plan to recommend you to.
Elizabeth D.
Tim and his people were EXCELLENT. Thanks to them for their great service!
Clark Y.
Thank you Jim--you went above and beyond to service us!
Ryan K.
We used Jim for our loan and he was great. Jim helped us out like he always does. Jim is great, very reliable, friendly, and helpful. Thanks Jim for everything!
Roshani C.
Mark and his team did an excellent job.
Mark S.
Everyone I have had interaction with at this company has been very nice. Responses to questions were very timely and I was always provided with supporting documentation. I was going for an extremely quick with a turn around time of about 20 days. Needless to say it all went off flawlessly.
Angela M.
Don't ever let Suzanne leave! She was the BEST! She went well above and beond to get our mortgage and to get us to closing fast!
Ralph E.
Mitch pulls through for me every time. I am a repeat customer and will always come back to him in the future.
Scott P.
Stellar service and communication from Brett, as he has done consistently for us. This was at least the fifth time we've financed/re-financed through him, and we have recommended him to several friends.
David O.
A big thanks to Jeff for his excellent work!
Scott O.
The loan process was extremely smooth! I will never use or recommend anyone besides Ralph for anything.
Alex C.
My loan officer Dan was extremely patient and very accommodating with my schedule. He made the entire process practically no work at all. Thank you Dan!
Mary H.



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