Client Reviews

October - December 2014

We are always 200% satisfied and always recommend Suren to all our friends for mortgage needs.
Pawan G.
Everything was fantastic! Keep doing what you are doing!
Kristin K.
Matt is absolutely fantastic. He is efficient, knowledgeable, trustable and just on top of things.
George J.
Dave is a true professional and does an outstanding job. He is customer driven and great to deal with.
Michael F.
The whole process was really easy and smooth.
Adam S.
John really helped us through this process and we would have been lost in the paperwork without him. We purchased a vacation home in Florida from a relative without realtor involvment and without leaving our home in Wisconsin.
Grant D.
Matt is the best. Will continue to recommend his services, and will plan on using him in the future as needed.
Michael O.
Cynthia is the best! She is a very sweet person.
Melody E.
Kevin was excellent and helped us get through the process quickly and easily.
Joseph D.
Michelle and Josh are great.
Joan L.
Everyone I encountered was friendly, helpful, & professional! Thank you.
Mary C.
Thank you for your professional assistance during my recent loan experience. Just continue to do what you are doing as everything was completed with care and kindness.
Karen W.
Matt was simply AMAZING! I had quite a complicated and difficult process with switching jobs, etc and he made it as smooth as possible. He really work hard to make sure my loan went through by the deadline. He was very informative and beyond helpful. He always responded to my emails/calls VERY quickly. I had an amazing experience because of him and would HIGHLY recommend him to everyone I can.
Ann C.
The only recommendation I can make is that you clone Jill. She is absolutely positively amazing. We have purchased about a dozen houses in several different states in the last 25 years plus. During that time, we have talked with dozens of loan officers, bankers, and credit union people. Even in preparation for this purchase, I talked with several banks and credit unions before calling Jill. Calling Jill was not a last resort, but rather an attempt to be a well informed financial customer. She beat them all hands down. She makes the rest seem like ill prepared novices.
James B.
Tony is the reason I use Draper and Kramer Corp. He is a professional, very knowledgeable and responsive at all times. Tony is the best!
John C.
Don't let Larry leave!
Robert B.
Tom and Mary Jo were incredible and absolutely the best people to work with!
Valjean B.
Appreciate everything on our original loan and 2 refi's.
Melody E.
Suren was extremely knowledgeable, professional and prompt.
Vinod T.
Keep Mike on the team,very helpful.
Raymond S.
I just want to say that Cherie was great to work with! She was very knowledgeable and took her time explaining all of the details to me and my wife. Being first time home buyers, this was important and we feel that she provided excellent service! We will use her again in the future and will recommend her to family and friends!
Abby W.
Service was excllent.
Michael M.
Everything went smooth.
Anik D.
Stacey was great.
Melody E.
Great experience. Professional all the way.
Michael H.
Linda was fabulous.
Victoria Y.
Tammy our loan office was fantastic. Followed up on every detail, and clearly explained the process. I will use Tammy for all my future mortgage needs. Thank you!
Timothy G.
As our agent, Melanie could not have done a better job in providing service, information and keeping us informed of the entire process. She went above and beyond during several steps of the application and we greatly appreciated her efforts. She deserves many kudos for her representation of your firm. Thanks again, Melanie!
Timothy B.
I have worked with Suren for almost 15 years and continue to be very satisfied.
Stephen W.
Keep up the great customer experience. Quick, intelligent, and personal attention to ALL requests made the process easier to experience.
Carole C.
I would keep the team that you have. For as busy as they are, the amount of attention that I received throughout the entire process was excellent. Debra knew exactly what she was doing and if I needed help, was just a phone call away. I am very pleased with how everything turned out.
John M.
There is no need for improvment because we received outstanding service.
Douglas O.
My loan officer did a great job. I don't see anything that would need to be improved.
Jolanta Z.
Sureyya C.
I used Bob to refinance my prior home and he was very efficient and responsive to questions/concerns. The same was done here for this new home purchase. He is very knowledgeable and helpful. I will definitely recommend him to people looking to purchase a home.
Steven F.
Experienced an excellent transaction. Loan officer was super knowledgeable and very personable. Would recommend in a heartbeat.
Rosemary B.
Great company to work with from start to finish!
Nicholas H.
Great experience!
Dallas C.
Can't get any better. Jerry and Diana are Captain America and Wonder Woman respectively.
David M.
Matt was awesome!
Jason D.
I do not know how it would be even possible for us to have gotten any better service. I think our agent Michele would have come and tucked me in at night if I asked her. I AM NOT JOKING EITHER!!! This was, by far, the BEST customer service I have EVER received! My brother, Anthony used her as well. When I told him we were buying our first home and he knew I already had another lending agent, he made me call Michele. Well, he actually used words stronger than that. There is not ONE thing I could think of that would improve our experience. I will never use anyone else, and I will ALWAYS recommend Michele.
David G.
Great service! Liza was amazingly fast in her responses and Aki was very good in explaining all of the options available to us.
James M.
Dave & Felicia are great - keep up the good work!
Debra M.
Linda rocks! Great experience -thank you!
Thomas R.
I had a colleague go through a mortgage application at the same time as me and my paperwork flow was so much easier he said he would use Roy next time. Roy is exceptional.
Jill S.
I felt the loan officer and staff were very nice and I know worked hard for me.
Daniel D.
I worked with Aki. I am very satisfied with his knowledge, advice and service.
Bakhtiar S.
The service I received was outstanding!
Dana L.
Jim did a great job! He is the best loan officer I have ever worked with. He is knowledgeable and timely with responses. I will continue to work with him in the future and always recommend him to friends and family. Thanks Jim!
Douglas H.
Ketan is the best person to deal with.
Virendra P.
Dan and Sarah were great to work with. They kept me very informed with the status of my loan and the process was exceptionally quick.
Christopher D.
Debra was fantastic through the entire process. She is definitely an asset to your organization.
Michael H.
Dan was great to work with!
Michael G.
I was 100% satisfied. Linda was very knowledgeable and extremely pleasant to work with.
Robert F.
Paul did an excellent job.
Arlene M.
Ryan was outstanding. Very happy he was referred to us by Jason, and I would refer Ryan in a second.
Daniel W.
We were extremely pleased with the professional service provided by Gil. This was our first home purchase and we were hand-held throughout the process.
Gary D.



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