Client Reviews

October - Decemeber 2015

Suren is amazing. We've closed many loans over the years, all with Suren. He's absolutely the best that there is.
Mary & Robert B.
Loan officer was outstanding. Had ability to keep the process moving, was patient, knowledgable, and had good judgement. I was glad to have chosen to work with him. I wish the process itself had been a little smoother. It seemed like everything was needed in a rush. But overall much better than my last experience with a different agency.
Henry S.
Ralph, Stacy and Jennifer were great! Very professional from start to finish! We had no worries with our house buying process knowing that they were taking care of everything for us. Communication was quick and all questions were addressed. In today's market, buying a home is more complicated than ever. Draper and Kramer Corp. took care of everything and gave us less to worry about in the process. We were very satisfied with Ralph and his team. We will definitely recommend them to family and friends! Thank you all!
Mark & Erika N.
Paul's team does a phenomenal job!
Paula M.
Extremely happy with the communication and speed in regards to everything in the loan process. Well done!
Daniel H.
Everything went as good as it should. Melanie was phenomenol in this whole process. Always keeping us in the loop. We were very pleased and will use 1AM again as well as referring others to 1AM and Melanie.
Brandon & Misty H.
Keep up the GREAT work! Everyone I was in contact was very professional and helped get all paperwork and the loan approved within a months time for a quick close allowing my wife and I to get our dream home.
Marcus B. and Leslie D.
The process was painless thanks to Peter. He was extremely helpful and he knew what the rules and regs were. He unhesitatingly guided us thru the whole process.
Katherine & Steven W.
Everyone is wonderful to work with. I appreciate that Suren always contacts me when rates are lower than my current interest rate. Erin is a pleasure to work with.
Atephen & Alison W.
Overall, our experience was great. However, the week of our house closing (the day before), the underwriter requested updated paystubs and bank statements. We were fortunate to be able to produce those documents on such a short time table. Other than that, we were very happy with the knowledge and relationship working with our loan officer.
Daniel & Kristen L.
That all of your loan officers should be as great as Nicole! She was awesome!
Jonathan B.
Jim has been my 'go to guy' for 4-5 loans now. He is the best and I consider him a friend as well as a Loan Officer. When working with a brand new loan approval process, I would recommend adding some time when speaking with new customers.
Gary S. and Janie U.
We love TJ! Through 4 transactions, he is the only professional we continue to work with. We have refer him every chance we get. We especially love that he initiated the refi process and arranged the closing at a convenient time at our home.
Patrick & Marguerite M.
John is great to work with. I have given his name to an associate and she used him in purchasing her home as well.
Gidgett & Paul C.
Linda was amazing !! She worked real hard to get me this loan, I was amazed.
Patricia B.
I had such a wonderful experience in all aspects.
Meghan S.
We have known Tammy for a very long time, and are always very happy with her service.
Aviel & Tali V.
We loved the electronic signing and the closing at our home.
Michael & Lindsay C.
Rob, my contact/agent, was most helpful, knowledgeable and accessible. He had answers for all my questions and was quick to respond. It was a pleasure to work with him.
Robert M.
Adam & Ashley C.
Everything was great.
Tomasz & Elizabeth A.
Just keep up the great work and hire great people like my Loan Officer.
Mary S.
Great job!!!
John & Leila A.
What you are doing is excellent!
Donald & Pamela P.
Anthony was great! He answered all my questions and make the process easy.
Sally A.
Working with Christopher and Timothy was a very pleasant experience. Both were on top of the process communicating updates to me frequently which made it easier for us. My only suggestion would be to continue to employ Loan Officers like Chris and Tim with the professionalism and expertise they both possess.
Stephen & Dale S.
Brian made the process easy..Because I HATE paper work, thanks.
Michael M.
Excellent attention to detail (1AM). Mortgage/financial lenders changing requirements on the fly.
John G.
Tammy is the reason why I keep coming back! Her professionalism and knowledge I will follow her anywhere! Tammy has mortgaged all three of my homes she has always handled all situations and problems or inquiries above and beyond her duties. Her long hours and always availability is untouched! I have no need or want to go through anyone but Tammy! She is simply outstanding! Thank you again Tammy!!! You make this process simple and uncomplicated as can be! I really appreciate your time and effort and honesty to get this done for me! AGAIN and AGAIN!!!
John L.
Service was excellent.
Derek & Micaela S.
Keep Larry and his team happy! As an IL licensed Realtor/Managing Broker, I was delighted, happy, and very thankful with the way Larry and his associates handled our mortgage. Roy is another fine example of providing quality customer service. Roy recommended Larry to us and we are very pleased with both these fine experts and gentlemen!
Frederick & Gayle S.
I wish you have a branch in New York as I do have a property in New York. I would definitely use & recommend Mr. Tae Do, if you had a branch/service in New York.
Michael H.
Suzanne is the best in the industry! I've worked with her for many years and am so fortunate that she was able to help us secure our new home!
David N. and Ryan S.
Give Harry a raise! He is so knowledgable and efficient and gets the job done in a better than timely matter!
Monica T.
Kris was fantastic! She was responsive at all hours of any day, and really helped me feel like I was being taken care of. I was a first time home buyer and it was really great to work with someone who understood my concerns. Thanks again, Kris!
Tanya S.
Mark is the best loan officer I have ever had. Thanks again Mark.
Joseph C.
Lisa is an excellent loan officer! She is efficient, thorough and an excellent communicator!
Patrick and Debra F.
Cindy was great. She is very professional, timely, flexible, and respectful.
Billy D.
Everything was fantastic with the three members of your team I worked with. Very happy and will continue to us Jeff for all my mortgages going forward.
Michael W.
The whole process was top notch. My loan got closed in under 2 weeks after having a bad experience with a previous lender. Very impressed.
Anthony and Huda-Marie K.
Suzanne is an excellent example of a knowledgeable professional with a bright attitude and great customer skills.
Hector I.
Jess is amazing!!!!
Evan & Rebecca W.
Jeff and the team did great. Super smooth and the esign process was a tremendous improvement over my old experiences.
Mark & Colleen H.
Tammy was amazing! She kept me informed and did her absolute best to get the loan processed quickly and efficiently. Thanks so much!!
William M.
Tom was great!
Alan N.
My experience was very good. Suren was very helpful throughout the process advising us every step of the way.
Mehul & Aparna D.
Debra made the process painless! She was quick to let me know of any information she needed or any problems that arose. We were working with a very tight deadline and she helped us meet our goals. She's Awesome!!
Robert & Heather K.
We worked with Jeff and we purchased a property out of state. He was a pleasure to work with and very understanding of our circumstances which made the process easier for us.
Julie & Chad T.
I thought everything was fabulous. My loan officer was very knowledgeable and was able to be flexible when necessary.
Jenna C.
You have an amazing staff. We used Ketan as the loan officer. Truly amazing.
Saumil & Jane S.
Hire more people like Paul.
Richard & Georgianna
Never loose Tim. What a pleasure to work with, he was very professional through the whole process I will recommend him to anyone
Andrew & Joanne M.
Keep up the good work. Anthony was excellent! He helped me immensely and explained everything and even came to my house to save me a trip. He was very accommodating and very perceptive about what I needed. Nothing but rave reviews for everyone involved.
Sandra W.
This was the first home my husband and I have purchased so to offer an improvement suggestion is difficult with nothing to compare. But I do want to comment on how efficent, and smoothly the entire process went. Nicole is a wonderful person to work with. She helped to reduce the overall stress of the process. She aided in answering any and all questions my husband and I had, and we have walked away with a great deal of knowledge we did not have prior to entering into the home buying process. We will most certainly recommend Draper and Kramer Corp. Mortgage/Nicole to others, and contact Nicole again if the need arises in the future.
Marc & Marie M.



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