Client Reviews

Tom Rydberg, Senior Vice President of Residential Lending

As a first time home buyer I found the process to go very smoothly. Thank you to the team at Draper and Kramer Mortgage Corp.
Kate K.
Thanks to Tom for his outstanding ability to communicate and keep us updated throughout the mortgage process. The entire process was seamless.
Brian W.
Tom and Jennifer were wonderful, even though they were in unfamiliar territory with the type loan I was doing they were both helpful and stayed on top of things. They did a great job!
Joy V.
Tom and his team were very responsive. That is the main factor that really stood out for us.
Kurt N.
I was very impressed with Tom's knowledge, response time and professionalism. I have referred and will continue to spread the word about my experience.
Brent G.
Tom is consistently efficient and a pleasure to work with.
Kevin F.
Tom truly made the whole process great. Lady at title company commented many times "how amazing our mortgage company is". Tom and his team are great, thorough, timely and professional.
Ryan B.
Tom was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable through out the entire process. As first time home buyers he made the process very easy and comfortable for us.
Michael & Katelyn D.
We were extremely satisfied working with Tom. He always exceeds our expectations.
Nicole S. & Giancarlo T.
I am extremely impressed with this company. This is my third home purchase, and I have NEVER had such a smooth process. The loan officer (Tom) would call me with every update. He made sure I was satisfied, and he was very professional and friendly. If I buy another home I will definately get a loan through this company again. Thanks for everything!
Kevin E.
The experience and professionals were awesome. Tom, Tina and Deanna make a great team.
Elizabeth & Peter D.
Tom Rydberg was excellent. Knowledgeable and professional.
David & Sophia M.
Tom, Jennifer and Deanna were all great!
Bruce & Barbara H.
I'm satisfied that all worked out very well.
Ivan G.