About Chris Nooney

Chris Nooney is a seasoned home financing expert and one of the top mortgage professionals in the nation. A certified mortgage planner with over 20 years of home financing experience, he’s been ranked among the top mortgage originators in America by industry publications Scotsman Guide and Mortgage Executive Magazine. Chris’ mission is not just to help you buy or refinance your home but to build long-term wealth as well.

When you work with Chris, he will take a holistic approach to your finances. That begins with him learning your needs, goals and situation and showing you how to utilize your mortgage as a financial instrument to minimize debt and maximize investments and savings. Then, using his in-depth knowledge of economics and the markets, Chris will create a home financing strategy that is built around your financial profile.

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About Draper and Kramer Mortgage Corp.

Draper and Kramer Mortgage is an award-winning national mortgage lender. With our efficient in-house loan processing and innovative mortgage solutions, we provide fast, flexible and affordable home financing to borrowers across the nation. Founded in 1893, Draper and Kramer remains family-owned to this day and holds the oldest active Federal Housing Administration (FHA) license in the country.

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